I can help you. I'm Jen Levin, and I focus on helping women reconnect with themselves and find real joy in their lives. I help women love themselves and their bodies just as they are. I help women discover what matters most to them so they can live each day with intention. I help women create bigger, more vibrant lives that are braver than ever before. I help women who are so ready for a change because you know what? I've been there, too. 

I'm a stay-at-home mom with three kids, and I'm married to a super amazing guy. I've been living a life that looks pretty awesome on the outside, but on the inside I've had trouble finding and feeling joy.

For years, I knew life was great, but I wanted to feel more alive. I wanted something more.

Then came the guilt for wanting more.

I told myself that I should be happy with life the way it is because I'm so lucky to have what I have. I was loving my family fiercely, and neglecting myself. I became disconnected from myself, and I was isolating myself from the outside world, too.  I felt unfulfilled. I felt dull inside. I felt like I had nothing to contribute to the world. I certainly didn't love myself.  The voice in my head spoke to me in a way that I'd never speak to someone else. I emotionally ate and gained weight, shielding myself from it all. 

Sound familiar? Can you relate?

If you feel this way now, you don't have to feel this way forever. I want to help you.

I've set up coaching programs that can help you silence your inner mean girl and help you discover what lights you up, what brings you real joy, and what matters most to you. I can help you learn to love yourself and your body and end emotional eating. I know I can help you because I've been through it. I've been right where you are. I know what a struggle it is to feel this way. 

I love working with women in this place because I remember how desperate I was to make a change for myself. I remember how sick and tired I was of feeling stuck. I remember how I desperately wanted something more for myself that was just for me and not my family. I remember how much I wanted to find someone who understood how I felt and that could help me. 

I'm thrilled that I've gotten through all of this, and I'm able to help you through it, too. I have the tools and steps that will absolutely help you create a vibrant, joyful, adventurous life you love.

I work with clients on the phone in 1:1 sessions, as well as small groups. I love working on the phone because it's convenient--I can work with anyone, anywhere in the world. I also love the confidentiality of the phone provides for my clients. Sometimes it's easier to open up when you're not face to face. I also provide support via email in between sessions.

I'd love to have you sign up for a mini session if you're interested. During the 30 minute call we'll get a chance to talk and you'll know if we're a good fit. I'll hear a little about what you're struggling with, and I'll tell you about my programs. If we're a great fit, we'll go for it!

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