Are you ready to get the support (and tools) you need to FINALLY start making progress and make 2018 the year you actually achieve those big goals?

Then this giveaway is for you!

I know you’ve set goals and new year’s resolutions before, thinking it would be your year. BUT then, maybe…

  • Your responsibilities weigh you down and keep you from focusing on your bigger goals.  

  • Taking care of your kids, husband, home, and job exhausts you to the point where all you want is four cups of coffee and a nap. Who has the energy to even think about your dreams when you’re that tired?

  • Life right now feels pretty comfortable and making changes is HARD and uncomfortable. You do it for a while, but inevitably, all the things you wanted to make happen fall by the wayside.

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Or maybe...

  • You feel like there’s got to be more to life, but you have no idea what that could be.

  • You know what you’d love your life to look like, but have no idea how to get there.

I get it!!! But you know what?

It doesn’t have to be like this!

When you have the right tools and support, you can keep up with your responsibilities AND make progress toward your goals.

I know you’re ready to close the gap between where you are and where you’d like to be so you can feel like your life is moving forward instead of being stuck.

I know you’re ready to figure out what that something more is for you so your life can feel more fulfilled.

I know you’re so sick and tired of wishing for the same things year after year, and you’re ready to start making changes so things can be different this time next year.

I know all this because I’ve been there! I’ve felt stuck, unfulfilled, and sick and tired of wishing for the same things year after year!

That’s when I started working with a life coach (then became one myself!) and started using awesome tools, like the ones I’m giving away, to make some significant changes that have led me to live out my purpose, feel more fulfilled, and to help other women get the mindset, clarity, and action steps needed to FINALLY live a life that serves them (rather than one they’re a slave to).

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That’s why I’m SO EXCITED to host this FREE giveaway!

Here’s what you can win:

  • A three month 1:1 coaching package with me so you can get clear on your goals and start making what matters most to you happen instead of your plans fizzling out by February 1st.
  • A 2018 Powersheets Intentional Goal Planner by Lara Casey...one of my absolute favorite tools for making sure my goals are aligned with what I want most in life and for helping me live intentionally every day.

  • A 2018 Get To Work Book by Elise Blaha Cripe...another one of my favorite tools! This planner is where I schedule my day to day priorities and activities. I especially love the project planning pages!

  • One of six spaces in a virtual vision board workshop...we’ll work together online digging deep to discover how you want to feel and what you’d like to accomplish in 2018.

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Can you believe all this is COMPLETELY FREE?!!

Helping my clients and tribe make progress on their goals and big picture vision for their life makes me so happy! I want to share my favorite resources and tools with YOU!

I know you’re serious about growing and creating the best life you can. So give yourself the gift of surrounding yourself with the best tools and support by entering this giveaway!

Sign up here to be entered to win and get all the details on how these prizes (and the big results that come with them) can be yours!