A Good Story

Everyone loves a good story.

I’m not talking about stories like the time I totally scraped the entire side of the rental car in a too tight parking garage.

Yep. That’s a true story.

I’m talking about the stories and narratives we carry around in our mind and that shape the way we live our life.

I’ve already shared one part of my story. You can read it here.

But that’s not my only story. We all have lots of stories in our life. Some of them are stories that are old and no longer true. We’ve just accepted them, not realizing how much they hold us back.

Not sure what stories you’ve been telling yourself?

Take a look at your bookshelf. 

What stories do the books you own tell about you and your life?

When I examined my shelves recently I saw that...

I have a lot of parenting books. They tell the story that I wanted to be the perfect parent. They tell the story of a new mom that wasn’t confident in her intuition to know what her babies need from her.

I have a lot of books about diets and weight loss. They tell the story that I didn’t think I was ok just the way I was.

I have a lot of books about finding my purpose. They tell the story that I knew I wanted more out of life, but I wasn’t sure how to figure it out what that “more” was.  

I’m so much happier since I’ve been able to let these stories go, and I began writing new stories in my life!

Now, I know I’m a good mom.

I know my body is just fine the way it is.

And I have found that “something more” in being a coach.

Most of these narratives are absolutely a direct result of the messaging we receive from our families and cultures about what we SHOULD do. About what is acceptable. About what makes us a good person.

That’s why one of my favorite books is The Crossroads of Should and Must by Elle Luna (get your copy here). You might remember it from this post about my favorite resources

I LOVE this quote from the introduction of the book!

These pages are a pep talk to honor that voice inside of you that says you have something special to give. It’s a reminder that while there is no map for where you’re going, many have traveled this road before. It’s permission to unlearn everything you’ve ever been told you should do in order to learn what you must.”

See? It’s totally ok to let go of the old stories that no longer serve us. It feels amazing knowing that I can rewrite my stories which means I’m rewriting my life.

Life isn’t just happening TO us. We can create the life we want to live!

So, tell me, friends. What are the stories you’d like to change about your life? What stories do the books on your bookshelf tell about you?  

I’d love to hear from you and get to know you better! Share your comments in my FB group, Live Your Legacy Now, where we focus on personal growth and creating a life we love!


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There’s nothing better than this time of year when we start thinking about all the things we want to change and accomplish in the new year ahead.

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