Capturing Summer

Ah, summer!!!

Summer is the season of being outside, family BBQs, going to the pool, road trips, destination travel and staycations.

For me, summer means travel, and usually lots of it. And it’s the season I take the most photos. I can come home from a two week trip and easily have over 1,500 photos. I take photos left and right because I love capturing the details of the places we visit, as well as, capturing my family enjoying what we’re experiencing along the way.

This summer I decided to lighten my load and only use my iphone for photographing everything. I usually take my big camera along (a Nikon D700 and assorted lenses), but this year I wanted to experiment with using the camera that’s ALWAYS with me. I’m pretty pleased with all I was able to capture.

Now I’m NOT a professional by any means. I’m not looking to sell my photos or have them placed in a gallery. I’m just passionate about capturing my adventures as best I can, and traveling gets all my creative juices flowing! There’s nothing quite as inspiring for me as getting away from home. (If you’re looking for AMAZING travel photography, I can point you towards some of my favorite Instagram accounts.)

Here are several photos (taken with my iPhone) from my recent trips to demonstrate examples of what I’m usually taking photos of while I’m traveling. These are the categories I would say help us to remember the sense of the place we are exploring.

Looking down | The floor | The ground
I’m always looking for interesting designs in tiles and cobblestones.

It often takes me twice as long as my family to go from point A to point B because I’m stopping to take photos of nearly every flower along the way!

Up close details | Good design | Repetition
I’m fascinated by architecture and design. I love getting up close to some of the tiny details I see.

Doors | Gates | Windows | Mailboxes
Doors and windows can be plain, but there are also some pretty amazing ones out there, too. And let’s not forget about gates! It’s always fun to see how different mailboxes can be from the ones we have here at home.

Yep, that’s right! I’m always taking photos of people I don’t know. I love seeing and capturing locals doing what they do.

There’s just something about an empty stairwell that makes me want to photograph it. Pretty much any empty space calls to empty chair, bench, or an open door. Those things almost always get my attention.

Getting around by bicycle is just the way life is for a lot of people in other parts of the world. Seeing bicycles waiting for their owners makes we want to photograph them!

I once heard in one of my photography classes...if you see something red, take a photo of it. You know what? I’ve never had any regrets living by that rule. Some of my favorite photos are of red things.

The BEST is when one or more of these categories collide!

Well, there you have it! A peek into my favorite things to photograph while I travel, besides my family, of course!

I’m particularly excited about all the sense of place photos I captured. I’ve decided I’m going to put them all into a photobook just because I love them so much.

I encourage you, no matter what you do or where you go, to capture a few moments as photos. Looking back on them later will help you relive your memories and help you cultivate feelings of gratitude for the experiences you’ve had.

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