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A few years ago my aunt unexpectedly passed away.

She was a pretty special lady, and by the size of the crowd that gathered to say their goodbyes, a lot of other people thought so, too.

I stood around for hours talking to people I hadn’t seen in years and to relatives I usually only see for the holidays. And as I stood there and took in how many people came to pay their respects, it really hit me just how important connection is.

I know it’s kind of cliche and it’s something we hear around the interwebs from time to time, but in that moment I realized it didn’t matter what my aunt had done as a career, what car she drove, how much money she had or didn’t have, how stylish she was, how educated she was, or how big her house was.

All that mattered was the connection she’d had with so many people.

Family and friends and the connection we have with them, in the end, is what matters most to 99.9% of us. My aunt’s passing was a heart-felt reminder of the importance of connection.

Our connection to the people we love and the friends in our community is one part of the legacy we leave behind.

I’m working hard to cultivate more connection in my life. You might remember my recent post about making new casserole friends and how that’s a priority for me this year.

I have terrific connections with friends and family that live far from me, and I’ve been lucky to create some meaningful online friendships, too. And right now I’m aiming to make more friendships in my local community.

Connection is one of my top five values, so naturally I want my legacy to be centered around my connection to the people in my life. Legacy is important to me, and I want to make sure I’m living each day in a way that creates the legacy I want to leave behind.

That’s what I love helping my clients do, too. I love helping women discover what their top values are guiding them toward the clarity they need to create goals that are in line with their big picture vision of their life.

I hear from so many awesome women that they feel they are lacking clarity.

Clarity to know what they want.

Clarity to know which awesome idea to implement first.

Clarity to know what fears are holding them back.

That’s why I’m excited to be offering a FREE five day mini course, From Stuck to Success: A Guide To Clarity, Better Goals, and Bigger Results.

This mini course was created to help you get clear about what you want and why you want it, set meaningful goals you’re excited to work towards and stick with so you see results that help you create a full life NOW and a legacy you’re proud of.

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