Feeling Lonely?

More and more my clients are telling me they feel lonely and have a lack of community in their lives.

These clients have said they have friends, but they’re pretty superficial with them.

Things are good as long as they’re talking about the weather, the kids, the kid’s school, their diet, etc. You know. Surface level stuff.

These days it seems no one wants to have deep, meaningful conversations. No one wants to get vulnerable, but that’s also the one thing we’re all craving!

We want to know we’re not the only one who yelled at their kids for the 18th time this week.

We want to know we’re not the only ones who dread having sex with their husbands because it feels like one more thing to do.

We want to know that we’re not the only one scared to death that something is going to happen to them or their children because our anxiety is at an all time high.

Life is FULL of ups and downs, and in our social media driven world, most of the time all we see are the ups!

We need community and connection to help us deal with the downs.

Keeping our problems to ourselves does nothing to help us move beyond them.

Feeling like we have to deal with everything on our own can turn into resentment and anger.

It seems difficult to “go there” with many of our friends, but it just takes being brave one time to break the ice and get to more meaningful conversation.

Here are some of my favorite conversation starters that can help get the conversation flowing on a deeper level:

  • Ask a friend how she is, then when she responds with the typical “Oh, I’m fine,” ask her again. “No. Really. I want to know. How ARE you?”
  • Is there anything going on right now that you could use some extra support with?”
  • What’s one thing you’ve always wanted to do?”
  • Admit your own struggle and ask for her support or advice. “You know it’s really hard for me to admit this right now, but I’d love to have a little advice…”
  • Have a “year end” conversation and ask what her greatest success was this year and what she struggled the most with this year. Then share your own.
  • Have a favorite/least favorite conversation about anything...what’s your favorite thing about being a mom? What’s your least favorite thing about being a mom? Then share your own.
  • Often times opening ourselves up automatically puts the other person at ease. They feel flattered that you’re willing to trust them with the conversation. They feel relieved that they’re not alone feeling the same thing or similar.

It can be uncomfortable to be vulnerable, for sure.

But it has big payoffs. It creates real connection and community.

One thing I love about technology is the ability to create community no matter where we live.

I’ve done that in my Facebook group. It’s a great space to connect, get support, and have real conversations with other like minded women.

I’d love to see you there! Click here to join the group!

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There’s nothing better than this time of year when we start thinking about all the things we want to change and accomplish in the new year ahead.

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Hey Sweet Friend!


I show creative women how to reconnect with themselves and take care of themselves just as well as they take care of everyone else. If you've been feeling unfulfilled, I'd love to talk about how you can create a life you LOVE.

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Let's build community!

When you gather a group of women together, magic happens. I believe we are better together. Head over to my FREE Facebook group, Live Your Legacy NOW, where there’s tons of inspiration, support, tips & tricks for creating a life that feels more bold and fulfilling and where you can begin to plan the legacy you want to create.