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It’s true that I spent a few years of my life struggling. I was unhappy and felt like I had no purpose. I was stressed, but I also felt shame around feeling so stressed when my life was pretty great.

I had done all the things I’d set out to do and all the things I thought I was supposed to do, but I was feeling unfulfilled and thinking, “There’s got to be more to life than this!” To keep from repeating myself, you can read the details of my story here

Obviously, I came out alive and well, but not before I did a lot of hard work on myself. This work falls into five main areas, and what you may not know, is these five areas are also the foundation of the work I do with my clients. Today I’m sharing those with you and how they impacted me.



Your mind is a powerful thing. It can propel you forward and it can hold you back. One of the best things I ever learned was that I don’t have to believe all the crappy thoughts I think about myself.

We aren’t born thinking bad things about ourselves. Those thoughts are learned. The good news is, they can also be unlearned! It’s possible to let go of the negative thoughts we’re having and replace them with more positive, kind thoughts. Gosh, I’m wishing I’d learned this earlier in my life!


Pleasure and Self Care

When I was feeling unhappy, stressed, and unfulfilled, it was pretty hard to take care of myself. I didn’t eat well. I didn’t move my body. And I didn’t have a lot of pleasure in my life that was just for me.

Spending time learning how to care for myself and my body has made such an impact on my life. When I started taking care of myself it was easier to care for the people I love. I had more energy AND more patience.

Getting clear on what lights me up and brings me joy was a big deal for me. When I started incorporating those things into my life, even in small ways, I started feeling happier and more joyful.


Values, Goal Setting, and Living With Intention

Hands down, the things that have helped me understand my purpose are knowing my values and having a big picture vision for my life. Discovering these tools helped me set goals that matter, not just random goals without soul.

Having goals that come from my heart and that work towards the bigger picture of my life also helps me live life with intention. Now, every day I’m showing up with a plan. I’m creating the life I want instead of just letting life happen to me.


Loving Myself and My Body

I have to be honest, this was a tough one for me. I’ve learned mindset, pleasure, and self care all go into learning to love ourselves and our bodies. But there are other things, too, like our environment, moving our bodies, feeding ourselves in a healthy way, and finding clothes in our closet that we love and feel great wearing. Working on all this has helped me feel grateful for all my body can do and love my body exactly as it is.

I also used to hold myself to a set of standards I’d never expect of anyone else in nearly every area of my life. Learning to not be so hard on myself has helped to eliminate stress and let go of chasing perfection.


Creativity and Hobbies

Expressing my creativity has been the best way for me to have something in my life that’s just for me. They are a big part of what makes me, ME. They bring me JOY and give me an instant connection to other people with the same interests. You can read about my creative hobbies here.

I believe we are all creative beings, however, we’ve been taught that if we don’t do something well, like drawing, then we aren’t creative. There are so many ways to express creativity, and I love that it’s part of my life and my coaching practice.


Now that I’ve done this work on myself, and have become trained in this work, I love getting to show my clients how making even small changes in these areas can make a huge impact on their happiness. These are the pillars of my practice, and everything I share on my blog, in social media, and my newsletter directly correlates to one of these pillars.

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