4 Steps to Clarity + Goal Setting

I love my work! I get to work with awesome women every day. They come to me for different reasons...they're feeling stuck, they want to take better care of themselves, or they want to gain confidence.

Two of the reasons I’m hearing most often are...

  1. They are full of awesome ideas and they want to start making positive changes in their life, but they don’t know where to start.

  2. They know they are meant for more and they want their life to feel different, but they don’t know what they want.

They need clarity. They need to know how to determine what matters most.

Helping women through this process is one of my favorite things!

There are four main things I always recommend my clients do to gain the clarity they need to create meaningful goals that they will stick with.

1. Ask the tough questions and be SUPER honest with yourself

Think about what you’ve been struggling to accomplish in the past. Lisa Jacobs asks in her book, Your Best Year 2018, “Why haven’t you fixed it yet?”

We can easily rebel against our own best intentions, but it’s time to take responsibility for our actions! Asking ourselves the hard questions makes it easy to see where our weaknesses are if we’re honest with ourselves.

So...why haven’t you accomplished the goals you’ve been wanting for a while? Seriously!

What have you been doing with your time instead?

Where has your focus been? It’s time to own how you’ve been using your time.

2. Get clear on your values

Doing an exercise to help you determine your top five or ten values will help you narrow in on what’s most important to you.

You can have a lot of awesome ideas, but the ones that are in line with your top values are going to be more meaningful accomplishments.

Knowing your values also helps with decision making. If you’re top value is freedom, taking a job that is super structured and demanding of your time probably wouldn’t be the best fit.

3. Spend time creating a big picture vision for your life

What do you want your life to be like when you’re 85?

What do you want for your health? Your marriage? Your children?

Who are the important people in your life at that time?

When you’re 85, what do you want to be able to say you’ve accomplished in your life?

Are you going to wish you’d spent more time at the office? More time traveling? More time snuggling with your kids?

The answers to these questions reveals what’s most important to you. I encourage you to take some time to think and journal about these important questions.

4. Be willing to let go of old stories, old beliefs, and habits

Albert Einstein said, “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

It isn’t realistic to think we can make changes in our life without having to change our current thinking or habits.

What old stories or beliefs about yourself have you been carrying that simply aren’t true? What do you KNOW you need to let go of to move forward?

When you start to challenge what you believe about yourself, you might discover a few things that simply aren’t true.

For example, you might think you’re bad at managing money. Is it really true?

Can you let that belief go and choose to believe something more positive about how you’re managing money?

Instead of believing something negative, you could change the thought to “I’m learning how to manage my money.”

Question your negative thoughts and be willing to let them go. Be willing to believe something else about yourself.

Be willing to drop the habits that are no longer serving you, and create new ones. Our own resistance to making changes is often what keeps us stuck.

I truly believe it’s possible for you to achieve whatever you set out to do!

Having clarity is the key to a strong start towards achieving your goals and dreams.

For a deeper dive into clarity and goal setting, join me in my new FREE mini course, From Stuck to Success, so you can create more meaningful goals, stick with them, and have bigger results.

In this free mini course, you’ll get an email every day for five days, guiding you through exercises to help you get clear about what’s most important to you and show you how to create meaningful goals that you actually follow through with so you can see positive changes and forward momentum in your life.

No more setting intentions and not seeing them through! It’s time to get clear and take action.

I hope you’ll join me! 


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