Have FUN

What if your favorite coach assigned you the task of doing something FUN everyday? Most people would jump up and down with excitement, right?

Not me.

This was actually my homework from my coach recently. Attempting to have FUN every day gave me anxiety! In my head I was thinking all kinds of things…

What kind of fun does she want me to have?

How much fun?

How long should it last?

Should it be at home or somewhere else?

Should it involve other people or is this just for me?

Seriously! This assignment is WAY TOO loosey goosey for me! Where is the structure?

How am I supposed to know if I am doing it right?!

Y’all!!! I wish I was kidding!!! But I shit you not...these were my thoughts!! Clearly I NEEDED this assignment!

See, if you can’t tell, I’m a recovering people pleaser. This work I’m doing with my coach has revealed yet another layer of my crazy and shown me how uptight I really am!

I’m also learning about how fearful I am of doing things “wrong.” If I have structure and rules, I’m golden. I can follow the rules and play within the constraints of any situation or assignment SO WELL!

If only life came with a rubric, I’d be all set!

But the thing is, there’s no right or wrong way to do life.

It’s all about what works for ME, and it’s all about what works best for YOU. It seems like a simple concept, but for people pleasers, this can be a struggle because we’re constantly wondering in the back of our mind what other people think!

I’ve had some time to lean into FUN, and I’m getting better and better at it.

You know by now how much I love being creative and making things. This year the #the100dayproject came at the perfect time for me to practice unstructured fun.

Basically, this is a creative project where you select anything creative you’d like to improve upon in 100 days. Most creatives pick things like painting, photography, writing, memory keeping, etc.

I’ve chosen to do 100 days of embroidery stitching. I’ve started with a blank piece of linen, and I’m randomly stitching on it for 100 days. But, I’m not doing this to improve my embroidery skills!

I’m doing this because this type of thing would normally paralyze me due to the lack of structure.

I’d be so afraid to start because…

What if I mess it up?

What if it doesn’t look good?

What if I miss a day?

What if I do the stitches wrong?

You know what? All those things might happen! For me, this project is about showing up for myself every day, or at the very least...MOST days.

It’s about continuing to add stitches even though I don’t have a plan and have no idea how it will look in the end.

It’s about being ok with imperfection.

It’s about leaning into the idea that there’s no right or wrong way to do it, it’s about what works for me. As uncomfortable as it is, it’s an important thing for me to be working on.

Have you ever struggled with not wanting to do things “wrong?”

Jump into my FB group and let us know how you overcame that or how you’re still working on it! You can also follow my project in the group, and I’d love for you to share your own project there too!

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