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From my early twenties I’ve had a desire to interview people. People fascinate me, and I believe every single person on this planet has a story. Not just any story, but a story worth sharing.

What makes them tick?
What are they proud of?
What would they do differently if they could?
What are they excited about?
What have they learned?
How do they express themselves?

I want to know #allthethings because I believe we have a lot to learn from others, and it broadens our own perspectives on life! And, I think it also reinforces the idea that we are all more alike than different and gives us permission to be our wonderful, imperfect selves.

In my mind, I’ve had variations of what these interviews could be and the questions I’d ask. Certainly, as I’ve changed and evolved, so have the questions. I’ve never put this idea into action, however, the idea has never left me. It keeps showing up, almost as if it’s taunting me.

Has that happened to you? Have you ever had idea you haven’t put into action and it will not leave you?

Up to now, I’ve held the belief that a project like this needed to be for some “purpose.” I needed to be writing a book, creating a podcast, or doing research for something. Basically, I couldn’t just interview people because I want to. For FUN.

Or can I???

I’ve been sharing a lot with you lately about following my curiosity and how I’m truly coming to understand the importance of having fun in my business. I’ve also been talking about creativity and making a lot more, too, because it’s my MUST

Giving myself permission to have fun and follow the things that excite me have led me to not being able to ignore my desire to hear people’s stories any longer.

I am SO EXCITED to tell you it’s finally happening!

I am creating a video interview series called Meet This Maker.

Completely in line with my creative side, I’m interviewing fellow creatives to find out what creativity means to them and how they make time for it in their life. Some of the ladies I’m talking to have turned their love of making into a business, and others are making just for the sake of making. These ladies are so inspiring, which totally calls out to the personal growth side of me, too! I hope hearing from them gives you permission to begin thinking about what’s possible for you, and the inspiration and motivation to start.

It’s been SO FUN! And the best part is, I’ll be sharing these interviews with YOU!

Every week I’ll be sharing an interview on my blog. I’m trying to keep it around 30 minutes (less than 45 minutes for sure!) so you can easily fit watching it into your day. I’m a few interviews in, and I’ve already learned SO MUCH! There have been so many good points made, and let me tell you, you are going to LOVE these ladies! You don’t want to miss this!

These interviews will cover a wide range of genres of creativity: hand lettering, photography, scrapbooking, quilting, painting, cooking, fashion, etc. I want to expand your vision of what being creative is because so many of us fall into thinking we’re not creative because we can’t draw or paint well. It’s really so much more than that! When we are creative, we are able to express ourselves as individuals. Whatever we make comes from within us, not from the person we are to other people like our husbands, kids, parents, employers, etc.

Maybe you’re already practicing being creative in your everyday life...YAY!! I’m excited for you to watch the conversations and see behind the scenes of these makers to find out how they fit creativity into their lives and what they do to keep the creative juices flowing so they feel more fulfilled and inspired to keep creating.

But wait! There’s MORE! Sorry, I couldn’t resist. ;)

I’m doing a separate short segment video of rapid fire questions that are both juicy and silly to be shared only in my Facebook group.  This segment is turning out to be as valuable as the longer interview!

I’ve enjoyed continuing the conversation, and I’ve been blown away by hearing some of the best advice they’ve ever received, some of which I’ve already started applying to my own life. Make sure you’re in my Facebook group so you don’t miss one of these mini segments!

So there you have it! I hope you grab a cup of coffee or tea OR, better yet, a glass of champagne, take a break from all that’s going on, and let yourself be inspired by these ladies and dream of what’s possible for YOU!

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