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Hello and welcome to episode 6 of Meet This Maker!

Today I’m talking with photographer, Eileen West. I’m so excited for you to get to know Eileen! Not only is she a great photographer, she’s also a fellow life coach, and I love how she’s able to bring the two together!

We had such a FUN conversation! So much of the creativity we talked about applies to life in general. You do not have to be a creative to get some golden nuggets out of our conversation!

We talked about owning our craft, comparing ourselves to others who are already doing the same work, and about the “stories” we tell ourselves. Eileen had so many thoughtful things to say, you don’t want to miss this interview! Plus, you won’t believe what her parents did to facilitate her creativity as a child!

Even though we were meant to be talking all things creative, Eileen put on her life coach hat and gave us some amazing tools to use in our everyday life! Who doesn’t want tools to help us live a better life?!

You don’t want to miss it! Check it out here

Here’s the recap and links to the people and things we discussed in the interview:

  • (1:50) Eileen tells us about creativity as a child
  • (4:20) Bringing more of herself to her photography
  • (5:20) There’s only one me!
  • (6:24) Add more joy to your life with THIS tool
  • (9:32) No one is gonna die!
  • (11:37) Setting aside time for creativity
  • (13:17) Eileen puts herself first
  • (16:40) Her AHa moment
  • (19:50) A call to push through
  • (25:00) I don’t want someone to tell me what to do!
  • (27:24) Eileen has a morning routine
  • (33:55) I just have to be ME!
  • (37:45) Creating is in our DNA
  • (39:00) What’s the worst thing that could happen?
  • (41:20) Pick(s) of the week

During our conversation we mentioned:

Eileen’s picks of the week:

Make sure to follow Eileen on Instagram! And you can find her photography online here and her life coaching online here.

The fun didn’t end with this interview! Eileen and I continued the conversation in a shorter second interview of rapid fire questions! I’ve said it before, and I’m saying it again...the rapid fire segment is SO GOOD! Seriously, y’all. You’re going to want to hear about the best advice Eileen’s ever received and what her best mistake was. So, so good!

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