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Hello and welcome to another episode of  Meet This Maker!

Today I’m talking with quilter, Elizabeth Chappell! Elizabeth is also the founder and owner of an awesome quilty subscription box company, Quilters Candy Box. I’ve been a subscriber for a while now, and I LOVE getting my box of goodies in the mail.

We had such an INSPIRING conversation! Trust me, you do not have to be a quilter to get so much from this episode. Elizabeth is a creative, for sure, but she has a strong entrepreneurial side, as well.

It’s perfect for anyone who is thinking about starting or just starting their own business. I came away from the conversation feeling like I could do ANYTHING!

We talked about how we can stand out in the crowd of other companies in our same industry and about finding our people on social media. She had so many thoughtful things to say, you do not want to miss this interview! Plus, you’ll never be able to guess the unconventional way that Elizabeth started out in the quilting industry!

I’m so grateful to have spent time with someone who is a thriving entrepreneur in the creative world. She had so much goodness to share.

You seriously don’t want to miss it! Watch the video or if you prefer,  you can listen to the audio only. 


Here’s the recap and links to the people and things we discussed in the interview:

  • (00:40) Elizabeth starts off with a bang telling us about her first ever business

  • (3:40) Being creative every day

  • (4:20) We’re all individual

  • (6:20) Ohhhh, the mom guilt!!!

  • (7:32) Leaving the guilt behind

  • (8:30) Saying no and yes to be creative

  • (11:28) Elizabeth wasn’t a quilter

  • (15:14) Going to work and leaving work

  • (17:28) I love anyone who’s scrappy like me

  • (20:55) Running a business takes work

  • (24:35) If you want it to work it CAN

  • (26:15) Adding her personal stamp to her work

  • (29:55) Instagram

  • (30:55) Pick of the week

During our conversation we mentioned:

Elizabeth’s pick of the week:

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And you can find her website here and buy her quilt patterns here

As always, we didn’t stop with this interview! We continued the fun in a shorter interview of rapid fire questions. That interview is perfect for a quick dose of encouragement! Elizabeth shares the best advice she’s ever received and her best mistake!

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