Meet This Maker: Jen Levin

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Hello! Welcome to Meet This Maker, the interview series about all things creativity and making!

This week I’m switching it up a bit, and I’m answering all the questions I’ve been asking my guests!

I hope you get to know me even better and learn something about me you didn’t already know!

I’m a wife and a mama to three teens. My oldest is going to college this fall! Being creative and making is a big part of my life.

It was so fun to get to tell you how I feel about creativity and share some of my experiences with you! You might be surprised at what I have to say “no” to in order to be’s not always about finding time!

This episode is especially good for those that struggle with perfectionism! You don’t want to miss it!



Here’s the recap and links to the people and things I discussed:

  • (0:40) I jumped in by talking about comparison and perfectionism!
  • (3:49) When I’m most ME
  • (4:55) Perfect doesn’t exist!
  • (7:22) It’s ok to want what you want
  • (8:55) Saying yes to myself
  • (10:00) I haven’t always shared ALL of myself with people
  • (11:05) Travel is always creative inspiration
  • (14:06) Perfectionism plays a part in learning!
  • (15:40) When creativity came alive for me
  • (20:17) Just start!
  • (22:00) Perfectionism is fear
  • (23:05) Pick of the week

The ladies who give me so much inspiration:

Other favorite things I mentioned:

I also continued the FUN by answering all the rapid fire questions I’ve been asking my guests in my Facebook group! I even surprised myself with what my favorite creative tool is! It’s not what you’d think it would be!

You also don’t want to miss seeing me struggle to answer one of my own questions! LOL Seriously! Make sure you’re part of the Facebook group so you can see all the exclusive short answer interviews I’ve done with my guests so far! 

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