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Hey there! I’m back with another episode of Meet This Maker, the interview series about all things creativity and making!

This episode is special because I’m chatting with someone I’ve followed online and admired for years! Jennifer Wilson of is a memory keeper and has created an online membership community for her fellow scrapbookers, along with courses, a book club, and a monthly digital magazine!

Jennifer isn’t just about making pretty pages of her family’s memories! Her message is all about supporting women in understanding the creative process that works best for them and showing them how to include creative time in their lives. Which is totally in line with everything we talk about here, too!

We had the BEST conversation! You DON’T have to be a memory keeper (or even have an interest in memory keeping) to get so much value from our time together. I know you’ll love hearing how Jennifer stays motivated to keep making and what she thinks is the foundation for being able to provide worth and value.  

Jennifer has so much wisdom to share! You don’t want to miss it!

And this week I’m making it even easier for you to hear our guest! You can either watch the video or listen to the audio only! You choose what works best for you!




Here’s the recap and links to the people and things we discussed in the interview:

  • (2:15) Jennifer tells us about realizing being creative is part of who she is

  • (4:00) Being creative every day

  • (6:30) Growing up crafting with her mom and grandma

  • (7:50) How being creative reminds Jennifer of who she is

  • (12:30) The things she SHOULD be doing

  • (14:04) What self care looks like

  • (17:56) Needing to feel relaxed before jumping into a project

  • (21:10) Thinking about what my objective is in business

  • (25:20) The significance of memory keeping as a hobby

  • (30:34) Pick of the week

The people Jennifer mentioned in during our conversation:

You can find Jennifer:

Make sure to watch the shorter segment of rapid fire questions I did with Jennifer!  You’ll want to hear what the number one thing she’d tell herself of five years ago is, and you’ll definitely want to watch to find out what the best advice she’s ever received’s SO GOOD! Be sure to check it out here!

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