Meet This Maker: Jessica Burgess

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Hey there Makers! Today I’m excited to introduce you to Jessica Burgess. She’s the blogger and creative brain behind where you can find recipes, home decor, fashion, party styling….basically #allthethings.

Jessica is a dear friend, and I LOVE any chance I get to talk with her. The energy she brings to what she does is contagious!

There is so much wisdom and goodness in the conversation I had with Jessica! I know you’ll love hearing how Jessica got started, how she found her creativity, and what spurred her on to start a blog. Her story is so relatable!

She also talked about what she has to say ‘yes’ and ‘no’ to in order to be creative and about how sometimes blogging gets a bad wrap! Jessica seriously had so much goodness to share!

You don’t want to miss it! Click here to watch now


Here’s the recap and links to the people and things we discussed in the interview:

  • (1:22) Jessica tells us what being creative looks like for her
  • (2:19) Going against what the experts say
  • (4:00) Jessica was born wanting to be creative
  • (7:30) Now what?!
  • (8:43) Doing what you love
  • (12:00) Jessica wants women to make time for themselves
  • (14:19) People pleasing
  • (18:00) I’ll never know if I don’t ask
  • (20:45) I don’t want to be judged
  • (23:55) Pinterest was a game changer
  • (28:05) Jessica’s greatest influences
  • (33:20) She’s a fan of baby steps
  • (36:20) I’m ready for your money!
  • (37:50) Pick of the week

During our conversation we mentioned:

Jessica’s pick of the week:

You can find Jessica on her blog at and on these social media platforms:

The fun didn’t end with this interview!

Jessica and I continued the conversation in a shorter second interview of rapid fire questions!

The shorter segment is just as good as the full interview! I know you’ll love it! Jessica told us what her best mistake was and so much wisdom came with it! You don’t want to miss hearing all about it!

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