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Hey! Hey! It’s time for another awesome Meet This Maker interview!

Today, I’m so happy to introduce you to Kristin Tweedale of The Awesome Ladies Project.

I’ve been following Kristin for a long time. We are fellow scrapbookers and she has a fierce love of stories just like me! I’ve wanted to talk to her for the longest time, and I’m SO EXCITED it finally happened!

Kristin coined the term and calls herself a Feminist Scrapbooker! Watch our conversation to find out what a feminist scrapbooker is, and how important it is to share our own stories. You might be surprised by her description.

She also co-hosts a terrific podcast called Crafty Ass Female and has a community and course at The Awesome Ladies Project.

Our conversation was so good! It’s easy to see how passionate Kristin is about stories, in fact, she believes that empowering women to tell their own stories is the reason that she was put on this Earth. I know you’ll love hearing about how Kristin got to where she is today because it wasn’t a straight path. You’ll see how everything we do prepares us for what’s coming!

She talked about how being creative saved her in school and the importance of talking about mental health. So many of us suffer from mental illnesses, and Kristin believes the more we talk about it, the better we can feel about it being part of our story.

You do not want to miss this interview!


Here’s the recap and links to the people and things we discussed in the interview:

  • (1:00) Kristin tells us what a feminist scrapbooker is

  • (3:24) What she wishes she had from her grandmother

  • (6:25) Kristin tells us whether she’s been creative her whole life or not

  • (8:00) Education in the US and the creative mind, they don’t necessarily go together

  • (12:04) The start of the winding road of jobs that fueled Kristin’s  love of creativity and stories

  • (15:20) Chronic headaches were part of life for a time

  • (19:42) You are the best person to tell your story

  • (22:05) What Kristin says “no” to so she can be creative

  • (26:10) When tomatoes have stories

  • (35:54) Kristin’s greatest creative influences are

  • (37:29) Anyone talking about mental health is inspiring

  • (45:06) Pick of the week

Kristin’s book | 100 Days of All About Me: 100 Introspective Prompts About Your Right Now Life
Kristin’s workbook | 100 Days of All About Me: Workbook
Ali Edwards can be found here
Cleo Wade’s instagram is here
Info about Edgar Wright
Movie "Baby Driver" is here

You can find Kristin doing #allthethings online in all these places:


Kristin’s websites: The Awesome Ladies Project and rukristin

Make sure you check out everything she has going on!

I also did a FUN rapid fire question and answer with Kristin that you can get access to in my Facebook community. It was SO GOOD I might love it more than the full interview! Asking her what the best advice she’s ever received sparked such a great conversation about perfection and learning that you don’t want to miss! She made several AMAZING points, and gave us so much to think about. Seriously, if you’ve ever struggled with perfectionism, you don’t want to miss it!

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