Meet This Maker: Meghan Coleman

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Hello! Welcome to Meet This Maker, the interview series about all things creativity and making!

I’m so excited to share with you one of my dearest friends, Meghan Coleman

Meghan is a wife and a mama to two sweet littles and she’s also a creative.

Though she’s creative in several ways, lately her main focus for making has been in hand lettering. Her work is truly so beautiful.

Our conversation was so, so good. I know you’ll love hearing how Meghan makes time to be creative despite having a day job, two small kids, a house, and a husband! We could’ve talked all day! I guess that’s why we’re besties!

You don’t want to miss it! Click the video below to catch the interview now! 



Here’s the recap and links to the people and things we discussed in the interview:

  • (2:00) Meghan tells us when she started accepting that creativity is part of who she is

  • (4:35) Being creative as a stress release and fun and not for some more grand purpose, especially with little ones

  • (6:55) We don’t have to do things perfectly!

  • (9:37) What Meghan says “no” and “yes” to in order to have creative time

  • (15:25) Sharing our creativity with others and how that can also be seeking validation from others about the quality of our work.

  • (19:40) Getting out of learning mode and actually doing

  • (21:55) Making creativity a business

  • (29:20) Putting your personal stamp on your work so that it’s YOU

  • (36:14) Pick of the week

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I also did a FUN rapid fire question and answer with Meghan. She totally surprised me with a couple of her answers! You’ll want to hear what the number one thing she’d tell herself of five years ago is, and you’ll definitely want to watch to find out what the best advice she’s ever received’s SO GOOD! Click here to join my Facebook group and get access to Meghan's Q+A now! 

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