Meet This Maker: Sara McDermott

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Hello! Welcome to Meet This Maker, the interview series about all things creativity and making!

I am so excited to introduce you to and welcome Sara McDermott of Sunniest Side Up to Meet This Maker!

Sunniest Side Up is a paper goods shop specializing in puns, spreading positivity and cultivating connections. In addition to clever greeting cards, Sara also offers custom dog illustrations!

Though Sara is a greeting card designer and illustrator, that’s not the only way she’s creative. You’ll want to know how else she’s expressing’s something we can ALL do right now, no talent necessary!

Our conversation was so, so good. I know you’ll love hearing how Sara makes time to be creative even though she has a day job. She tells us what she says “no” to so she has time to create and what she says “yes” to to keep her business moving forward! I definitely could’ve talked so much longer with Sara. She had SO MUCH goodness to share.

You don’t want to miss it!

Here’s the recap and links to the people and things we discussed in the interview:

  • (1:37) Sara tells us about art school unlearning

  • (3:03) What creativity is for Sara and how she answers the “what do you do?” question

  • (5:45) Getting into the zone

  • (6:47) What Sara says “no” and “yes” to in order to have creative time and keep her business moving forward

  • (9:12) Sara shares how important accountability is

  • (12:03) Friends that don’t get it

  • (14:00) Moving from learning to DOING

  • (16:15) Who is Sara’s greatest creative influence?

  • (19:14) Doing it all with a full time job

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Sara’s pick of the week: The Raise Your Hand Say Yes podcast

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Send some happy mail to your friends with some of Sara’s awesome cards! Order yours here.

Sara and I had a lot of fun with a short segment of rapid fire questions that’s exclusively for my Facebook group. I couldn’t believe the answer she gave about cooking vs painting, and I LOVE the best advice she’s ever received! It was such a GREAT reminder for all of us, creative or not! Plus, you won’t believe what her favorite creative tool is.  Click here to watch!


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