Meet This Maker: Traci Huffman

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Hello! Welcome to episode four of Meet This Maker, the interview series about all things creativity and making!

This week I’m talking with Traci Huffman.  Traci is a photographer, and I’m so excited for you to meet her because she is one of my dearest friends!

She’s also a wife and a mama to twin girls. She’s the perfect person to talk about how becoming a mother changed the creativity in her life because she thought the creativity gene in her family had skipped her! If you take one look at her photos, you’ll see that’s not true!

Y’all, our conversation was SO GOOD. I know you’ll love hearing how Traci felt the first time she told someone she was a photographer because she gets really honest about what that brought up for her. If you’re creative, you know it isn’t always easy to own what you do!

And, gosh, she gives some great advice about what she says “no” to in order to be creative...seriously, it’s something we all need to be reminded of! Not only that, she shared an awesome podcast list and so many other things that make this interview SO GOOD! You don’t want to miss it!

Here’s the recap and links to the people and things we discussed in the interview:

  • (3:56) Traci tells us about the first time she told someone she was a photographer
  • (5:14) It’s not just about pretty pictures
  • (6:53) What Traci says ‘no’ to in order to be creative
  • (7:52) What she says ‘yes’ to in order to be creative
  • (8:18) Shifting photography from a hobby to a business
  • (9:44) Standing out among other photographers
  • (11:40) Everyone is not your competition
  • (14:00) Traci’s favorite podcasts
  • (15:50) Switching from learning to doing
  • (17:15) The effect her kids had on her creativity
  • (18:39) Who Traci admires most
  • (24:14) Traci’s advice for the woman who doesn’t love being in the picture
  • (26:25) Pick of the week

You can find Traci here:


Laura Foote Photography

Gina Zeidler 

The whole team at Cultivate What Matters

The Making Things Happen Intensive

Amy and Jordan Photography

Kaitlyn James Photography 

This was such a fun interview with lots of information and resources, but I also did a FUN rapid fire question and answer with Traci exclusively for my Facebook group. Not only did she answer my questions but she offered so much MORE!

You do not want to miss hearing why she almost always takes her camera with her when she leaves the house...hint, it has nothing to do with taking pictures! And, you’ll definitely want to watch to find out what the best advice she’s ever received is, especially if you’re a small business owner! This is one Facebook interview you do not want to miss! 

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