Permission To Follow Your Curiosity

I’m someone who likes to have things figured out. I like to have a plan. I like to know where I’m going. I like to know what’s coming next, so, Lord help us all, PLEASE don’t try to surprise me! #controlissues

One of my favorite authors is Elizabeth Gilbert. Liz (because we’re totally on a first name basis) encourages us to follow our curiosity. To follow the breadcrumbs of things that seem interesting to us. To create for the sake of creating. To create for yourself, not for any other purpose.

For a girl that thrives on having a plan and strives for each day to feel purposeful, that’s SO HARD!!

And yet, here I am! My business and my life weren’t lighting me up anymore, so it was time to do things differently.

For the last few months I’ve been following my curiosity in my business and my life. I’ve been allowing myself to create for the sake of creating. I’ve been writing content that feels vulnerable with no other purpose than to share my experience. I’ve been participating in #the100dayproject, making a quilt, and scrapbooking some of our family photos.

And you know what?

It’s been so awesome! It feels so freeing.

When I started my business, I put my head down and I started the checking boxes off my to-do list. I LOVE checking boxes because I feel productive and purposeful. But, doing that made me feel tied down and restricted. I was following the plans I thought I should and creating content that was meaningful to me, but ultimately what I thought my followers would like. It felt LESS like purposeful work and more like WORK work.

I wasn’t following my curiosity. I wasn’t allowing myself to create just to create. I had a plan and I was sticking to it.

Then my business coach gave me the assignment of having FUN. How could I have more fun in my life? How could I have more fun in my business?

Who knew how hard that would be?! Maybe you can relate? Maybe the thought of having FUN and doing something just CAUSE seems crazy right now?

Let me tell you, though, that’s when things started to shift for me.

Having fun, giving myself permission to create, and following the breadcrumbs of what lights me up is leading me towards content that feels like it’s coming from within me instead of from my head. It makes my business feel more fun. It makes my life feel more fulfilled. It’s brought me back to my roots. I’ve ALWAYS been creative, and I’m most ME when I’m making something with my hands.

I’m excited to say my business is shifting to include more creativity. Creativity with a side of personal growth. I’ll be working on new offers over the summer and into the fall.

Operating from my heart instead of my head is best for me, the people I love, and the people I serve. I’m guessing it would be that way for you, too. And the craziest part? It gets me the most results, too.

I believe it’s possible for you to have FUN in your business.

I believe our best work comes from what we’re most excited about.  

I believe we can all bring more of what we love into our lives, despite all the responsibilities we have.

Consider this your permission slip to start following your curiosity. Permission to start creating a different kind of offer in your business. Permission to play with paint, yarn, or your camera. Permission to do something fun that’s just for YOU, but that will inherently serve all OTHER areas of your life.

Hit reply and tell me what you’d do if you JUST had to follow the breadcrumbs around what’s light you up, or share it in the Facebook group. I wanna hear from you! 

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