Reclaiming My Time

“Time isn’t something you find, it’s something you create.” ~unknown

When I started my business I had to learn to how to juggle my time between family, running our home, being on coaching calls, creating content, planning out my marketing, and all the other big and small things required of being a business owner.

When I start something, I tend to go all in. Everywhere I turned there was an expert telling me the best way to success in this entrepreneurial game, and it didn’t usually include lots of leisure time.

But, if you know me, and you remember this post,  you know I like to know I’m doing it “right,” no matter what it is.

So, of course, I bought into all the hoopla, and spent all my time and mental energy working on and thinking about my business. I’m not saying I was super productive or getting a lot of traction, but I was BUSY.

Can you relate? Maybe you’re running around doing #allthethings but never feeling like you’re getting anything “done well?”

As a side note, busy doesn’t equal productive. Just saying.

It didn’t take long before I felt like there was no time for ME. No time for the things I love.

I wanted to spend time journaling every day, but I didn’t know where I’d fit it in.

I wanted to spend time in my craft room, but every time I tried, I felt guilty because I knew there were so many other things I could be/should be doing instead.

I wanted to read more books, but it was hard to fit it in other than falling asleep with a book in my hand in bed.

Freedom is my number one value, and I wasn’t feeling very free. I decided to call BS on following all the entrepreneurial rules. I knew in my heart there HAD to be a way to do the work I wanted to do and still have time for ME.

I thought about what I wanted my day to look like. I knew I’d be happiest if I was able to do a little bit of all the things I love every day.

At the bare minimum I knew I could be happy reading for 15 or 20 minutes. I could make progress on a creative project if I worked on it for 15 minutes here or there. I could benefit greatly from spending 10 or 15 minutes journaling.

So I evaluated how I was spending my time and where I could fit these things in. I didn’t use one of those apps where you log your time all day for several days. I’m sure those are helpful, but I didn’t have the patience for that. I just looked at the different pockets of time in my day and how I used that time.

Know what I found?

I was spending a DISGUSTING amount of time mindlessly scrolling social media! And the worst part is that it was how I was starting my day.

I had plenty of time! I just wasn’t using my time well. I needed to reclaim my time!

I switched it up, and I’ve been much more diligent about being more intentional with social media. I’ve been starting my day reading and journaling, and I’m making time to be in my craft room, too.

I feel like a different person!

I’m much happier getting to do a little bit of all my favorite things every day. I’m not perfect with it, of course, but I’ve made big progress with it, and that’s all that matters really.

So why am I sharing all this with you?

Because when I learn something I like to pass it on. I don’t want to leave a sister to figure things out on her own when I’ve already been through the muck.

Because I want you to know that if something feels off in your business (or your life) you’re allowed to deviate from “the rules” and do whatever works best for you. You know the societal rules I’m talking about...the ones that make us believe that business owners, and especially moms, should be BUSY or we’re not worthy!

Because I want you to make sure you’re making time in your day for the things you love.

Because I want inspire you to take a look at how you’re spending your time. Too much TV? Too much social media? No time for YOU? Heck, maybe too much time doing stuff for other people like clients, kids, spouses, friends...the list goes on! See what you can do to use your time in a way that feels better for you!

Channel your inner Maxine Waters and reclaim your time! Reclaim it from the distractions, the interruptions, and all the things that don’t really matter. When you take back your time, you make space for more of what you love. And when you can include more of what you love in your day, you feel happier, more joyful, and like a more complete person.

I’d love to hear what your biggest time suck is and what you’re doing to reclaim it! Jump into the Facebook group and join the conversation! I’ll share what my CURRENT biggest one is that I’m working to shift to get the party started.

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