Three Things I Geek Out About

Life feels good!

I’m lucky to have things like my family, my home, my work…you know, all the typical things we equate with having a good life.

But you know what makes my life even more juicy? Having something to do/work on/create that’s just for me!

My hobbies are the things I could talk about all day. The things I could do for hours and forget to eat or pee. They are the things I totally geek out about, and they are a huge part of what makes me, ME.

But I have a confession.

I spent years being uncomfortable with the hobbies I enjoy so much. I didn’t openly share them with my friends because I thought my hobbies were silly.

I assumed most people thought they were grandma/old lady hobbies. I didn’t think my friends would “get” me, so I hid.

When I spent time with my friends I never discussed what I was working on. I always kept the conversation about the kids, our homes, or what my friends had going on. I never gave my friends a chance to get to know the real me.

I never allowed my full self to shine. I thought I was weird, and I did not want to risk anyone seeing what a freak I was.

Well, my friend and mentor, Susan Hyatt, says, “Let your freak flag fly!” She has taught me that what we think is wrong with us, is actually what’s right with us. It’s our super power.

And you know what? She’s totally right!

I feel most myself and most at ease when I open up and talk about all the things I love. And it’s the best feeling when I meet someone who loves the same things. It’s an instant connection!

So what do I geek out about?

Quilting and Being a Maker

I love everything about fabric, colors, patterns, and design—I could talk about quilting all. day. long.

I go to quilt shows and guild meetings. I love buying fabric to add to my stash.  I look for and find quilt stores in the places I visit. I read quilting magazines, and I follow “celebrity” quilters online. I’m looking at you Suzy Quilts!

Making things makes me happy. And making things for the people I love brings me so much joy!

Being a Memory Keeper (aka, a Scrapbooker)

Basically, being a memory keeper is documenting your life. I love capturing my life in photos and pairing those photos with the stories and memories of my family.  I love documenting our travels and big family events, too.

Our lives change from year to year. Kids grow. We change houses. Get different cars. We have new routines. I love capturing all of it and having it to look back on. And looking back on our life helps me to see how much we have to be grateful for. It’s priceless to me.   

One thing I think about that fuels this hobby is wanting to know what things were like for my mom and grandmothers. What did they enjoy most about being a mother? How did they enjoy spending their free time? What was it like to take care of their home? I want my children and grandchildren to know what I’ve been thinking and feeling all these years.  

Traveling the World

My bucket list is primarily places around the world I want to visit. Traveling make me so happy. I love hearing about where other people have been, sharing my experiences, and encouraging people to see the world. I could talk travel for hours!

For me, travel is all about meeting new people and being a part of cultures that are different than mine.

It’s also fun to go back to places I’ve already been. There’s no pressure to see the touristy things, and I can spend time going where the locals go. It’s great to hang out with no real agenda, taking it day by day.

Travel also feeds my love of photography. I spend way too much time trying to capture each trip to get the best photos I can. I’m so grateful I have a patient husband!

I joke that I always have a bag packed so that I’m ready to go at a moments notice. I don’t really, but it wouldn’t take me long!

So there you have it! Now you know a little more about me!

The real me. The whole me.

I truly believe we all need to have something we can geek out about. Something that really lights us up, something we could talk about all day long, something that gives us an instant connection with other people who love the same things.

Take a moment right now to think about what you geek out about. How much time are you getting to spend on it? I challenge you to make time for what you love every week. You may be surprised how much joy you’ll add to your life!

Maybe you don’t even know what you could talk about for hours or work on for so long you forget to eat. I believe we all have those whispers inside us that say, “Oh! That looks like fun,” or “I wish I could make something like that.”

Follow the whispers. Try something new.

I think you’ll love giving it a go and you never know what your new obsession will be!

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