Three Things To Finish The Year Strong



The end of August is here! I recently saw a funny meme about how fall is basically here, Halloween will be next week, Christmas the week after that, so Happy New Year.

Sounds pretty accurate, right?!

I couldn’t agree more that time seems to FLY at this time of the year, but I want to remind you of something...

There are 125 days left in the year!

That’s 125 chances for us to KEEP WORKING towards our goals for this year!

And you know what?! 125 days is ONE THIRD of the year!

There’s plenty of time to create more inventory for your handmade business.

There’s plenty of time to market your business before the Christmas holiday rush.

There’s plenty of time to make handmade gifts for your friends and family.

There’s plenty of time to read the books on your nightstand.

There’s PLENTY of time to create new habits that will get us closer to being the women we want to be.

Whatever it is you want to make progress on, you can do it! And so can I!

Here are three things to keep in mind (and some questions to ask yourself) during the last part of the year so we can finish STRONG:

You don’t find time, you make time!

I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it, we are in charge of how we spend our time!

If you’re not sure where all the hours in your day seem to go, then track your time for a week. See where you have free time or time that’s being used poorly, and instead, add in things that will move you forward towards what you really want.

There are several free time tracker apps available, Hours Tracker: Hours and Pay and My Hours-Hours Calculator are two available on iOS. Apps like these are a great way to see in writing  just how you’re spending your time. You might be surprised.

If you notice you’re doing lots of things you don’t want to be doing, ask yourself if it’s necessary that YOU are the one to do the task. Could someone else do it?

Are there ways you’re spending your time that you could give up or do less? Things like tv or social media?

Your dreams and your goals are worth you making some changes!

Make sure YOU are on your own to do list!

Sometimes we misuse our time because we’re exhausted. We think we need mindless activities like tv and scrolling social media to unwind and relax from the day. Or maybe food helps you with that.

Here’s the thing…

If we’re taking care of ourselves, we don’t feel so drained at the end of the day.

When we make the time to do something for ourselves every day, we have more to give to our responsibilities.

Taking care of yourself and putting yourself first doesn’t have to be all bubble baths and mani/pedis. It’s about the little things that bring you JOY.

Play music while you’re getting ready in the morning instead of rushing around in silence (or yelling at the squirrels, ahem, I mean kids, you’re trying to get out the door).

Listen to the podcast in the car instead of taking the phone call that can wait until you’re home.

Spend 30 minutes reading a book instead of getting lost down the rabbit hole of Pinterest.

Add little things into your day that are meaningful to YOU. When you do that, you’re moving yourself closer to your dreams and you’ll have more energy for using your time more productively.

So, spend some time thinking about this question: What are the little things I could do for myself that would bring me JOY and make me happy?

Here are a couple of posts to get you started.

Remember the power of 15 minutes!

Maybe you want to read 12 books this year.

Maybe you want to make five quilts this year.

Maybe you want to turn your hobby into a business and open an Etsy shop.

No matter what your goals are, remember how much SMALL progress adds up over time.

You don’t have to have an hour to sit and read or an entire Saturday to work on a quilt. You don’t have to list every single product you offer at the same time in your shop.

You can make SMALL progress 15 minutes at a time! I know from experience what it’s like to get caught up in all or nothing thinking. Working towards your goals doesn’t have to be like that.

Ask yourself how you can break down your goals into the TINIEST baby steps.

Tiny steps are easier to take action on. And taking action on several small tasks in a week is WAY more progress than not taking any action at all.


As our old friend, Newton, says…”An object at rest stays at rest, and an object in motion, stays in motion.”

Meaning, if we don’t ever start, we’ll stay stuck, but once we get started, it’s easier to KEEP GOING!

My friend, there is so much goodness left in this year. I believe in you! I am here to encourage you and be your biggest cheerleader!

There is so much support and lots of amazing women in my Facebook Group, Making {YOU}. This Thursday at 2pm EDT, I’ll be live in the group sharing all my creative goals for the last 125 days of the year! Make sure you’re there to join the conversation! I want to hear what you want to accomplish in this last third of the year!


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