Supplemental Material

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Stewards of Children Workbook

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In 1 week I was able to take the workbook from word document to printed workbook. We needed a fast turn around to support pilot efforts for our department. 

Music Curriculum Workbook

I spearheaded the revamp and redesign of the district music workbooks. These workbooks are the curriculum for all 5 middle schools in the district. 

Virtual Facilitator Led Guide & Script: Beyond Stewards of Children

Instructor led training including: 

Train the Trainer

Beyond Stewards of Children Facilitators

After piloting the guide and script with facilitators, our team recognized the need for a "Train the Trainer Training". We reached out to a subject matter expert in facilitation and edited video clips from an example facilitation session. 

Instructor led training created in Articulate Rise including: 

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