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Beyond Stewards of Children

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Beyond Stewards of Children is an 2 hour hybrid prevention training. Participants take the 1 hour asynchronous course and then participate in a 1 hour debrief with a live facilitator. The content focuses on preventing child sexual abuse

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Articulate Storyline example includes:

How much do you know about sourdough? 

Check it out here! 

This learning expereince features custom broll I filmed as an engaging background while answering questions about sourdough trivia. 

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This micro-learning experience reinforces modeling healthy boundaries as caregivers.  


Keeping children safe starts with modeling healthy boundaries. These Child Safety Pledge teaching moments are created with a caregiver focus in mind. 

1. Just for fun, add a gamified snowflake graphic and sound effect. This can help keep learners engaged.

2. I used photos from the safe stock photo set to create a consistent story throughout. 

Storyline example includes:

Check it out here! 

"Pet Sitting for Gizmo" is an interactive learning experience featuring continuous background music, sound effects,  gamified objectives, and a cohesive design. 

Articulate Rise Example

Champion Training 

Select the video to the left to preview the project. Champion Training is an 8 hour hybrid leadership training. The content focuses child protection advocacy, social and emotional intelligence, theories and frameworks for behavior change and how to engage in change management.

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Rise example includes:

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